About Agora and Agora City

Author and Copyright

Author is Philippe Froidevaux. For question about Acity, please contact me here.
I apologise for my poor english, most of time, I speak french :-)

This software is Copyrighted Philippe Froidevaux, © 1999-2000.


You can choose one of the two following license (it's your *own* choice...)

  • GNU General Public License, full text here
  • Save The World License : Same as the GPL, but :
        - if you use this software, you must tell its author that you do it. Then, I will be happy and have more motivations to improve the code and add new features :-)
        - if you use Agora for a commercial purpose, you must help to the author : I need more time, more monney, more hardware ressource.
  • Support

    Bug repport and patch : send me all patch and bug repport here. Look for more help in the developpement section.

    Commercial Support : No support. Commercial support avalaible if I have enough time, please ask me.

    Extra Thanks

    Beta-test was done by a *lot* of people : ALF, Benji, Bubu, C1S, Doshpy, Eclipse, Fumus, Gabeast, Highslash, Icecat, Kiske, Mandarino, Mandelbrot, Marati, Muad'Dib, MulderFox, Naya, Nikko, PIng, Schmourz, SgtPerry, Shimroar, Spookie, Sproutnik, Tempus, Tonio, Trashman, Winged Death, WMAN, Yama, etc... (sorry for whose I forgot...) Thanks a lot to all this persons for bug repport and many great suggestions.


    Last update : 2000.02.03