25 September 2001     publish agora-1.3.0 (stable) :
add web-based chat (IRC-like system), as well as a note system (dummy, searchable web database)

18 November 2000     publish agora-1.3b1, which use cookies and do not need mod_perl and apache special configuration anymore (run as standard CGI)

new "skins" system which allow user to have his own colors/font/bgimage

engine speed has been improved - a lot.

a lot of bugs fixed since 14 April :-)


5 November 2000     Got a server to continue developpement ! Improvement comming soon :-)
Cookies version on CVS, mod_perl is no more absolutly necessary (but recommended)
14 April 2000     Write the screenshots
Update to version 1.2 (stable) announcement
I go 2 month in holidays, have fun with Agora :-)
28 January 2000     First public version of Acity.
(Creation of this page, download availability, and CVS tree on SourceForge)


Last update : 2001.09.25