You have neither CVS nor SSH

Get the latest Agora tarball here.

To submit a patch, please use :

   diff -u old_file new_file > patch_XXX.diff

Anonymous CVS Access (no SSH)

You will need CVS from SourceGear.

Get the CVS tree as an anonymous user :

   cvs login

To submit a patch, please use :

   cvs -z3 diff -u your_file > patch_XXX.diff

Full CVS Access with SSH

Step #1 : Register on SourceForge - that's free... :-)

Step #2 : Install SSH1 from SSH Communications Security.

Step #3 : Install CVS from SourceGear.

Set the environnement variable for your CVS account :

   % setenv CVSROOT
   % setenv CVS_RSH ssh1

And play with CVS...

   1. Import Agora from server on your local workstation
   % su
   # cd /usr/local         # directory "agora" will be automaticaly created)
   # cvs checkout -P agora # or "cvs co agora"
   # chown -R your_developper_login_here agora
   # exit

   2. Export to SourceForge CVS server :
   % cvs add my_file.c                  # need "commit"
   % cvs remove old_file.c              # need "commit"
   % cvs commit -r 1.4.1                # commit as version '1.4.1"
   % cvs commit -m "This fix a problem" # commit, and set a commentar.
   % cvs diff file.c                    # show (only show) the diff between
                                        # local file and server file

   3. Update your local copy (import from CVS server)
   % cvs update -P

Additional tools and documentation

Look at the SourceForge Documentation Project.


Last update : 2000.02.03